Coffee curiosities

Most of us love coffee and it’s our dear companion when we wake up

Check out these cool facts about the second most popular drink in the world

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Herbs For Cleansing

Herbs are by far some of the most powerful plants on the planet when it comes to restoring our health

The synchronicity of the Universe is amazing – for almost every human disease there is a healing counterpart that can be found in the plant kingdom

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Music Therapy

We are constantly bombarded by frequencies from the media and environment, a lot of which are “low” or “negative” and may contribute to various health issues

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Mindfulness meditation to cleanse your body

Cleansing the mind is just as important than cleansing the body

Meditation gives you a space to breath and let go of racing thoughts and emotions

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Top 10 skills for the successful worker

In recent years the labor market has revolutionized and the necessary skills have changed

How to attract the perfect employee

Recruiiment is one of the most important things for a business, but it’s also one of the hardest

18 key facts about Gay Pride

Here are a few key facts about LGBT Community and Gay Pride

Online Social Support for LGBT Teens

In today’s digital age, meeting friends online is becoming more and more common. To undestand how online friendship may benefit LGBT teens we looked at data collection online

How to select an Influencer Marketing Marketplace

This choise is important because it’s needed to connect creators with leading brands looking to produce and distribute original content

How to cure Jet Lag

Vacations are often the highlight of our year, offering that long awaited opportunity to relax and unwind

However, when you’re hit with jet lag, the first days of your trip can seem anything but enjoyable

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