How do Americans spend their annual income? American annual expenditures breakdown.

The Department of Labor’s latest survey provides a detailed look into how the average U.S. consumer unit spends their annual paycheck.

where did the money go

The Credit Card Statement of US Spending

us credit card spending statement

Michael Anderson the Designer Does His Resume in Infographic


Difference between men and women

life explained - difference between men and women

The D-Day


1508 x 988

What’s in your urine?


Image courtesy of New Scientist 20 December 2006

Solar System (Planets and Sun) Symulator

slar system planets simulation

Humanity vs. Poverty

humanity & poverty

New York Underground Networking

This web page carves a very deep impression in my mind and it has lasted 8 years since 2001 when I first got on the Internet.

new york underground

Death Probabilities

death probabilities