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Infographic: Antibiotic Resistance The Global Threat

The Science Behind The Fresh Smell Of Rain

The Radical Ways Waves Are Formed

Birds of North America

This field guide to the birds of North America features over 740 fair-feathered friends (both native and introduced) drawn to scale and sorted by species.

Agriculture Infographic

It’s the source of our food supply. Arguably the most important aspect of agriculture is that it’s the source of the world’s food supply. … In countries dealing with food insecurity and severe malnourishment, it’s because their agriculture sectors are suffering. When agriculture thrives, fewer people go hungry.

The Coronavirus Pandemic’s Impact on the Environment [Infographic]

Global IT Brands on Green Energy Usage Rated by Greenpeace – C Industry leader, provider of many cloud-based computing and storage services, does nto divulge the energy consumption of its data centres.

Total areas of solar energy required to fuel the entire world

How long does each type of materials last?

Credit: New Scientist

Earth! You’ve got a case of humans!

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