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Infographic: Lease Versus Buy Trends

Created by LoopNet Rental Properties

The Future of Social CEO

Social media is no longer a fad. Since sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn are a part of daily life, we’re starting to expect more social engagement from CEOs.

Global IT Brands on Green Energy Usage Rated by Greenpeace – C Industry leader, provider of many cloud-based computing and storage services, does nto divulge the energy consumption of its data centres.

Business Intelligence Consumerization

This is an infographic created by Domo Technologies, Inc.

What is cloud hosting (cloud computing infrastructure)?

Cloud hosting or cloud computing is a pool of computing resources available for retail consumptions. The currently leading cloud hosting provider is Rackspace Cloud. Use this promo code of Rackspace Cloud to claim $25 discount off Cloud Sites.

Amazon Aquisitions and Investments

Bad news for Newspapers

SEM & SEO Infographics by Elliance

Google Buzz Data Visualization

How books are made