Global IT Brands on Green Energy Usage Rated by Greenpeace

Green Energy Data – C

Industry leader, provider of many cloud-based computing and storage services, does nto divulge the energy consumption of its data centres.

Facebook – D

Greenpeace reports that Facebook fails to use electricity responsibly. Furthermore, Facebook has offices in coal-rich North Carolina and Oregon.

Apple – D

Recently, Apple relocated its data centre to North Carolina, a state known for its cheap and dirty coal-powered energy.

Google – D

Like many of its fellow IT powerhouses, Google does not reveal details of its data operations. Greenpeace alleges that Google has closer to 20 or 30 data centres than the seven reported.

HP & IBM – A+

HP and IBM get high marks from Greenpeace for disclosing their electricity footprint.


This infographic is created by Peer1 Hosting.